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Boyfriend in Sight

In 1918 Europe, Enrique and Loli are two teenagers in love who, after the school year finishes, are going to spend the summer together with their well-off families in a nice summer resort by the sea. While they are there, the youngsters spend their time playing games with the gang, except for Enrique, who has to revise and re-take the subjects he failed. Loli’s mother, however, has laid eyes on Federico, a young engineer who belongs to an upper-class family and is very popular in town, because he is a good partner for her daughter, whose female features are beginning to develop. From that day on, she tries her best to make that relationship happen, so she makes her daughter spend long hours with such a catch.

However, Loli’s friends, including Enrique himself, are not ready to lose one of the gang members and decide to rebel against the adults by kidnapping the girl, with her consent. After taking cover on a nearby hill, they are attacked by their families, who have organized themselves as a military front, and a silly battle with pines and stones starts. By the end of the summer everything seems to have settled. However, things will never be the same because Loli, secretly flattered by the engineer, chooses this affected suitor. Meanwhile, Enrique fails his exams again due to his lack of knowledge of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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