Todos a la cárcel


Everybody to Jail

Wanting to collect a long-standing debt from the Public Administration, a small businessman named Artemio Bermejo decides to go to the Inmate's International Day, which is held inside a prison. The event, organized by Quintanilla, an astute man who specializes in organizing this type of bustling group event, is really a political act, which the highest authorities of the region attend, together with other personalities from the cultural and finance world and the church powers. While Quintanilla tries to make everything work, Artemio takes the opportunity to talk to the Culture sub secretary.

Meanwhile, outside the building they are concocting a plan to help Paolo Tornicelli, a mafia prisoner, escape. He is an influential Italian banker and the boss of a complex international criminal activity network. The prison director supervises the operation with help from another banker, who is also there. Each one of those present has specific interests and aims, although they all go to the event claiming to do it as an act of solidarity and wishing to share a table with those deprived of their freedom. After undergoing a lot of complex mishaps, there will be a series of interventions and happenings which will bring about a peculiar mutiny, which will result in Tornicelli, the prison director and his young transsexual lover’s escape. These persecutions, police shootings and some guests being held by the inmates accelerate the end of the story.

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