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Life Size

Michel is a middle-aged, upper-class Parisian dental surgeon who has a relaxed, open-minded relationship with his wife. One day he receives a life-sized polyurethane doll from Japan, with beautiful female features, which he starts to use as a secret toy he can play with in his spare time. But the game starts to become a little more serious for Michel: he celebrates his first week with the doll by taking it to a seaside hotel run by his mother. He buys a whole set of lingerie, he performs complex fetishist rituals and he even has a fake wedding. The new relationship brings about the final break with the few connections he still had with the outside world and he focuses exclusively on his new plastic partner, whom he gives different names and treats like a real human being.

Estranged from everyone and everything, Michel’s feelings towards the doll become more and more obsessive and, blinded by jealousy, he even plants a video camera to register her infidelities with the porter. The situation reaches its highest point when the doll is kidnapped by a group of Spanish immigrants intent on raping it on Christmas Eve. This forces Michel to make a drastic decision and drive himself and the doll into the river Seine with his car. Seconds later, the doll floats to the surface while a man watches it, dazed, from a bridge.

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