Moros y cristianos


Moors and Christians

With the idea of increasing their sales in mind, the Planchadells and the Calabuigs, both nougat manufacturers, decide to promote their Christmas products on a national scale through a food exhibition, which is going to be held in Madrid, and which the Princesses of Spain are rumoured to be attending. Their strategy consists of giving the Princesses some sweets when they walk past their stand. Despite the disapproval of the patriarch of the firm, Don Fernando, a conservative man who prefers more traditional methods, the family travels from Xixona to Madrid for their business purposes. In Madrid, the Planchadells live in Cuqui’s house, Don Fernando’s only daughter. Cuqui is a rich widow with political ambition who convinces her brothers to hire a public relations officer to help them carry out their plans and promote the nougat properly.

Cuqui then introduces them to her own image consultant, a cheeky swine called López who is also her lover, and drags the whole Valencian family into a hilarious odyssey in which they come across grotesque characters. When the Planchadells finally go back to their town, they all seem to feel they have improved their commercial image, except for the patriarch, who is the only one aware of having lost his own identity and dies of a heart attack when the promotional campaign is about to come out.

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