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National Heritage

After General Franco's death, the Leguineches leave their estate, Los Tejadillos, where they have lived in voluntary exile for decades, to go back to Madrid and take active part in the social gatherings of the nobility and get nearer to the Spanish monarch’s inner circle. The old Marquess’ obsession focuses on mingling with the most distinguished surnames, moving up the social ladder and reclaiming the pomp and court life they lost a long time before. To achieve that, he decides to move to an old palace of his, which is in the centre of the capital. Before that, however, he has to overcome the difficulties posed by his wife, who hates both her husband and her son deeply. To regain control of the palace, the Marquess of Leguineche tries to undermine his wife, claiming she has an incurable mental illness, and then reform the palace to adapt it to aristocratic life.

But his plan falls through due to a series of unforeseen events: the demands of a tax inspector who claims payment of the income tax return for the previous 40 years; his son Luis José being arrested for trying to bribe a civil servant and the accidental death of the Marchioness in an absurd duel between Nacho, her ex-lover, and the Marquess. In the end, the Marquess of Leguineche accepts that the old ways don’t work anymore and, finally, turns the palace into a museum where the last vestiges of a long-lost aristocratic class can be admired.

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