Nacional III


National III

After having to sell his palace, the Marquess of Leguineche moves to a flat with his son Luis José, his faithful servants, Segundo and Viti, who are now married, and Father Calvo. In February 1981, when the failed coup d’état takes place, Luis José learns about Chus’s father’s death. Chus and Luis José have been separated for a while now. So, the Leguineches and their entourage travel to Extremadura, where the deceased had his estate, to attend the funeral and to encourage the troubled couple to get back together because Chus is the sole heiress of a fortune which could take both the Marquess and his son out of poverty. Once they achieve their objective, the couple sell all the properties, move back to Madrid and start an odyssey to try and hide all the money made from the sale to France.

After several failed attempts, they decide to do it themselves. They create a pantomime which consists of putting a plaster on Luis José, with the money and the family jewels inside, and including him in a group of pilgrims travelling to Lourdes. After encountering some problems, the Leguineches finally achieve their objective and settle in Biarritz. However, the situation gets worse for the Marquess and his family when the socialist party wins the election in France. This event will prompt the start of yet another evasion operation, this time towards Miami.

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