Los jueves, milagro


On Thursday, Miracle

When the old spa in Fontecilla, which had earlier been a very popular place because of its medicinal waters, begins to decline and sink into oblivion, the local powers that be get together to find a solution and draw a plan to promote it again and increase the number of tourists coming to visit the village. To do that they invent a fake miracle which consists of the apparition of San Dimas (Saint Dismas), also known as “the good thief”, who will appear every Thursday in the old train station. Despite his original reticence, Don José interprets the saint for Mauro, the village fool, who receives instructions and is told to spread the news among the population, walking through the streets and crying out the news.

The farce begins to bring in the first results, congregating a great number of believers every Thursday and giving the village new fame. But, one day, a thief, who hides his true identity, arrives in Fontecilla and insinuates that he knows about the behaviour and intentions of the impostors. This fact, together with a series of unexpected events and the ever increasing number of recoveries brought about by the fake miracle, creates big confusion among the group of impostors, who finally lose control and confess their lies, although nobody believes them. Worried, they look for the mysterious thief, but he has disappeared from the village and has only left a picture of himself with a dedication and the signature of San Dimas.

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