Michel de Assantes is a prestigious French plastic surgeon who, disappointed with life and with serious impotence problems, decides to commit suicide by throwing himself out of the window of his surgery in Paris. However, he changes his mind at the last minute and decides to get on a pilgrim’s bicycle and travel to Timbuktu, whose exotic name seems to hide the secret of happiness.

His journey is interrupted when he has an accident near Calabuch, a small town in the Levante coast (Spanish eastern region), which is as chaotic as the existence he was trying to leave behind. There he meets a series of outrageous characters, among which stand out the sensual and impetuous Trini and the mystic visionary Encarna, two sisters who baptize him symbolically and put him up in their house, trying to help him overcome his hypothetical impotence. Simultaneously with the arrival of the new millennium, Michel lives a series of hilarious situations, shared with the inhabitants of that peculiar Mediterranean town: Trini and Encarna’s vicious brother, a nudist anarchist, a priest convicted of murder, some disobedient immigrants, some corrupted politicians and businessmen...

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