La escopeta nacional


The National Shotgun

Jaume Canivell is a Catalan manufacturer of intercoms who travels with his secretary and lover, to the surroundings of Madrid to take part in a hunting expedition. The event is sponsored by the businessman himself, at the estate of the Marquess of Leguineche, an aristocrat who is having money problems. Government executives and influential people are invited. In fact, Canivell’s real intention is to do business and meet a Francoist minister who will help him introduce the new technological advance into the Spanish homes.

However, the situation takes a turn for the worse when the minister’s lover, a young and attractive actress, escapes to the servants’ quarters in the palace along with the Marquess’s masturbating son, whose wife lost an eye in a hunting expedition. From that moment on, with his initial objective in mind, Canivell acts as a reconciling, diplomatic figure, pretending to be a cinema producer and gets into a series of outrageous situations that have nothing to do with him, but cause him to be humiliated several times. All the while, there is a conflict between the Falange (the Spanish Falangist movement) and the Opus Dei going on around him. When he seems to be about to achieve his objective, a sudden change of government results in the minister’s dismissal, ruining all his plans and making him return to Barcelona empty-handed after a troubled, but eventful weekend.

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