Bienvenido, Mister Marshall


Welcome, Mister Marshall

Don Pablo, the mayor of a Castilian village called Villar del Río, is visited by the General Delegate, who tells him of the immediate arrival of a delegation from the government of the United States as part of the European Economic Recovery Plan. Both the local powers that be and the town’s most humble inhabitants receive the news as a great event which will cover their most urgent needs and fulfil their most coveted dreams. Despite some people’s reticence and distrust, the authorities decide to organize a warm welcome for the Americans with the help of Manolo, the agent of a folkloric singer, Carmen Vargas, who is touring their town. The plan consists of changing the features of this austere Castilian village and turning it into a typical Andalusian village, full of colour and happiness.

The population of Villar del Río re-enact their fears and wishes with the imminent arrival of the Americans in their sleep. They even draw up a list of petitions where each one of them asks for what they need most or they wish to have. All this results in the most varied petitions, from a cow to a sewing machine, all the way up to binoculars. When the day comes and everything is ready to welcome the Americans, the delegation passes through the village without stopping at all. Disappointed, the inhabitants of Villar del Río take off their fake costumes and go back to their daily routine. They all contribute with their valuables to pay for the expenses of the Andalusian charade in an act of solidarity.

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